Snapy is wonderful solution for unwanted visitors
The enthusiastic response of countless readers of a product test in the SZ magazine
and successful test sales confirm the market relevance of this useful article.

Snapy uses a well-known and yet incredibly simple principle. Almost everyone has at sometime fiddled with a glass jar and sheet of paper to remove an unwanted insect from the home, without wanting to kill it. Snapy works on the same principle – that pleasant déjà-vu experience.

Snapy resolves the ‘insect problem’ - hygienic and environment-friendly, without poison.

Snapy is ideal for those with insect phobias. Almost one in two people suffer from some sort of insect phobia, and are thus a potential user – a Snapy makes a very welcome present

Ideally suited for people with allergies, as insects can be removed with no danger of contact.

Snapy is also excellent for discovering the fascination of the insect world. Insects can be examined at close quarters. Children of all ages will become enthusiastic ‘explorers.

Snapy is indispensable in the home. Also when camping, caravanning, or in the holiday home Snapy is of tremendous practical value..

Snapy has the potential to find a home in millions of households!'